We’re pretty proud of the facility where we work so we decided to give you a “virtual tour” of the radio station, in case you’ve never seen it.


  • We debated as to whether to share a short video with a lot of polish, skipping some of the more mundane stuff but decided instead to share a raw one with you. This way we were able to catch members of our staff in their “natural habitat.” Enjoy

Take the six minute virtual tour of Life 101.9 here.

PS: If you’d like to come to the studio in Waterloo and take a tour in person, we’d love to have you as our guest. Feel free to bring kids, grand kids, distant long lost relatives – (even Uncle Festus if he’ll mind his manners.) To set this up, give Deb a call at 866 515 1019 and we’ll make it happen.

Did we mention that we love our jobs? ūüôā

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