Isn’t it amazing how over-commitment can creep into your life.  It starts with just an event here or there.  Throw in your kids’ sports activities or extra curriculars, volunteering and that once a week meeting you just can’t miss, and you’re over committed!

I was reading an article today that was talking about different areas you might want to declutter.  One of them?  Our lives.  It’s easy to say “yes” a few too many times to good things that have us over-booked and stretched thin at the end of the week.  As difficult as it may be, we need to get better at saying “no”, or at least “not right now.”  The authors of the article suggest sitting down and deciding what matters most to you.  Focus on that, and save some of the other “good clutter” items for another time.

Want more help getting rid of the clutter in your life?  Read the full article here.

– Matt

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