Want to save money at the grocery store?  How about saving some time while you’re at it?!?

I read a great article to save both the next time you’re out shopping.  One of their tips:

Make a meal plan before you go.  Take a few minutes and plan the meals you and your family will enjoy over the next week.  Then, take a peek in your pantry and freezer to see what you’ll need to make those meals happen.  Now you’re ready to hit the grocery store!

You may be wondering where the savings come in.  First of all, you have your meals lined up, so you won’t be wandering the aisles trying to decide what to make.  Plus, if you get everything on your list, you won’t have to run back to the store later in the week.  Both of these are saving you time.  As a bonus, if you stick to your list and don’t buy a bunch of things you don’t really need, you’ll be saving money at the same time.

Ready to save?  You can read more tips in the full article here.

– Matt

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