True story. A number of years ago, we held a Christmas party in our home for some kids from the Sunday School class I was teaching and a family who had three teenage girls attending my class was greatly offended that we had a Christmas tree because of its pagan origins even though all of our decorations, including the tree, were there to commemorate the coming of Jesus Christ to Earth.

So before you write off the possibility that anyone could be offended by a tradition like this, think again. People who come to faith in Jesus have different Christian roots  and different groups of believers see it…well, differently.

Therefore, we need to be respectful of those who do see things differently. The Easter Bunny, like the Christmas tree (while a harmless tradition to most), may be not harmless to others. If your not sure which category your extended family falls into, don’t let the “yolk” be on you if you do decide to hold an egg hunt for the grand kids.

Because of the pagan origins of the little critter, this tradition does beg the practical application of a passage of scripture found in 1 Corinthians, chapter 8. You might want to read the entire chapter to get the context of what the Apostle Paul is saying but the heart of the passage is summed up in verses 11-12:

“So this weak brother or sister, for whom Christ died, is destroyed by your knowledge. When you sin against them in this way and wound their weak conscience, you sin against Christ.” 

In other words, don’t do anything in the company of a Christian brother or sister that might cause them to “stumble” (or sin) because they have not grown in the freedom that all believers have inherited in Christ.

Good advice Paul! I would add this (though this particular passage doesn’t address it.) If you plan on practicing a tradition like holding an Easter egg hunt with family or friends, that you use the event to teach the true meaning of Easter to the kids. That way, you connect something as benign as collecting eggs in a basket with the most significant event in human history.

Here’s one more idea for the egg hunt. This applies primarily to grandmas and grandpas who may be in charge of the family gathering. Include single aunts and uncles in the egg collection process, not just moms and dads. Making it fun for everyone is the name of the game.

And speaking of fun, it’s always fun for us to see how God will provide for this ministry. Spring Share this past week was a joyous celebration of giving from our listening friends who realize that the Lord is using Life 101.9 to bring hope to Eastern Iowa and around the world.

Thanks for your part in our celebration of giving. Because of friends like you, we’ll continue to celebrate Christmas and Easter every single day with music that brings real hope.

Have a blessed April and Easter!


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