They’ve been playing together since 1999, but it was a number of years before Building 429 captured a national audience. Jason Roy, the lead singer of the beloved group, says the moment the gentlemen of the band first realized that music was going to be more than a youthful season of life came at a remarkable time. Building 429 thought they’d put out just one more record before they went and got grown up jobs!

“We had our first hit with a song called ‘Glory Defined’, and it was an overnight smash and it was really crazy. We were not ready for it, we were just so surprised! But I think when we really started realizing this is what we were called to do and there was no doubt was really the song, ‘Where I Belong’.”

“You know, it’s funny, because I had already taken a position as a worship pastor at a local church to transition out of doing what I do now, and we made one last record. It was just one more record to give everybody in the band a chance to kind of figure out what to do next.”

“And what was funny about that – since it was our last record – we just kind of went and made the record we wanted to make!  And sure enough. ‘Listen to the Sound’ and ‘Where I Belong’ were on there.”

But it was more than just chart positions and record sales. God used those around Jason to affirm that he was in the right place.

“I remember I came off the stage one night – we were playing in an arena with fifteen thousand people – and my friend walked up to me and said, ‘I don’t know when you’re going to realize this is real! It’s not some mistake! It’s not some accident. You’re not an imposter. You’re supposed to lead fifteen thousand people in worship!‘ And I remember. That was kind of the moment where it was like,I got it! OK! I got the message! I’m not going to keep on doubting myself. Let’s go do this!”

Jason Roy is the lead singer of the beloved CCM staple, Building 429. With songs like “Where I Belong”, “Listen to the Sound, and “Impossible”, they’ve touched thousands of lives with their music. The Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning group hails from North Carolina & Texas.

On the Road with Building 429’s Jason Roy

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