I end most of my blog entries with the short sentence/phrase – “Something to think about.”

Maybe you’ve noticed.

But if you really want something profound to think about to start your day, to end your day, or maybe just give you a little lift in the middle of your day, here’s a suggestion.

Spend some time on our website reading articles from members of our staff. Many of our staff employees are encouraged to blog about topics of interest to them.

You can access articles on our website about all sorts of things. Some articles offer faith-based practical encouragement and advice from a biblical perspective. Other posts are just about fun things like tasty recipes, funny stories and more. A whole potpourri of options await.

Accessing them is simple. Just go to our home page, browse the topic bar at the top and click on either “Your Life” or “Your Faith.” Then you can select a topic of interest and you’re off and reading! Wanna hear from a Life 101.9 announcer? Access the “On Air” tab and from the drop down menu, click on “Show Notes” to hear from Kim, Matt, Adam or Jenn. They’ve always got something to say. (Well, most of the time at least.) 🙂

I just finished reading an article on How to Handle Difficult People that I found especially helpful. And Jenn just posted a recipe for “Coffee Snow Cones” that I can’t wait to try!

You’re not alone when you go to the beach. You can always listen to Life 101.9, and if you forget to bring something to read, spend some time with us online. Your reading experience will definitely give you “something to think about.”

But if you forget to bring the sunscreen and bug repellent, good luck with that. I’ve got nothing for you.

Something to think about.


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