Sometimes we can read the Bible without the proper perspective and that can be problematic especially for the new believer who is still asking some of life’s biggest questions.

I was reminded the other day that the OT books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job comprise one section of the Bible called the Wisdom books. It made me think that these books would make a great summertime Bible reading program. So if you’re looking for one, check ’em out.

These three books collectively answer some of life’s biggest questions. Questions that cause some people to conclude that God is either dead, not good, or if he’s out there somewhere, he must not be paying attention.  But believers in Jesus, embracing true wisdom, know that God is alive. He is near and HE IS GOOD…ALL THE TIME!

Wisdom is apparently a difference maker.

For example, Ecclesiastes reminds us that the acquisition of things do not make us happy. Life without God, no matter how wealthy we get, is futile. Proverbs tells us that if we make good choices, good things will usually follow. Job tells us that sometimes, good choices don’t necessarily beget good results because other forces are at work that we cannot see. In other words, for reasons that we may not fully understand, sometimes bad things just happen to good people. Job concludes that sometimes, the only way we learn to trust God, is by going through difficult times.

I guess Laura Story was right. Blessings do come through raindrops.

So, if you’re looking for a summertime Bible reading idea, check out the Wisdom books. A wise choice to be sure.

Something to think about.

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