My Fellow Colleagues and Prayer Partners-

Our fellow staff member and friend Deb Pugh found out several weeks ago that the breast cancer that she fought several years ago has returned. Deb is the friendly voice that answers our phone when you call. She’s on heavy dosage of chemo and in need of your prayers.

As you may know, Deb has been such a rock in our office. Always a joyful spirit. Always willing to go the extra mile. Always looking for ways to serve. We are expecting her to be out at least six months so, needless to say, her absence leaves us with some challenges.

Please pray for her healing and for Henry her husband as they go through this and pray for us as a staff as we pick up extra duties in her absence. The song “Strong Tower” by Kutless comes to mind as I think of Deb and what she’s facing.

Let’s implore the God of heaven to strengthen her, to heal her and to fill her with his joy and peace.

May our Lord be her “strong tower” at this time. Thanks for standing with us for our precious sister.




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  • Rosie Saucedo says:

    Your message or question…
    My prayers are with you Deb and your family, friends and co-workers.
    I just went through 3 surgeries and a reconstruction process for breast cancer and believe me it was the hardest times of my life but God gave me the strength when I felt alone, sick and with little faith. He always picked me up from the darkest moments. He was my ONLY way out of that difficult time. I prayed and prayed to get me out of the depression that I was going into. My husband, friends and co-workers helped me to cope with it but ultimately God lifted me up from the dark hole I was in.
    My cancer was removed but the fear of coming back is always in the back of my mind but I am also confident in God that he gave me a 2nd chance to do something for others and may be this is a moment to do that and tell you to be strong even when you don’t feel like it, talk to God in those precise moments when you feel alone and desperate, he will hear you as he did with me. I am pretty sure your co-workers are awesome because they are all believers and they have the perfect words for you.
    I might not have the perfect words for you but I will always be willing to listen to you. Please if you need someone to talk to here is my cell phone # (319) 504-2506 or text me first to know it’s you, don’t hesitate to call or text me even though we don’t know each other, may be this is a chance for us to meet and talk. God bless you in this difficult challenge. I was, I am and I will always be in your shoes Deb, I know how you are feeling physically and mentally. Have a blessed day !

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