Every time we hear about life change, we celebrate another reminder of why we do, what we do. Enjoy

Paula:  Every day there seem to be little things that get you down and sometimes they seem huge.  When I listen to Life 101.9 it always seems God plays the right song I need to hear, even if it’s convicting.   I always feel His love and presence in the music… thank you for being a tool for His blessings!

Sandi:  I have many songs that remind me of times I struggled in my life. One in particular would be Plumb’s “Need You Now”.  A few years ago, I was bullied at the office I worked at. I dreaded going to a job I loved. That song was me, crying out to God in the midst of a rough storm.  Awful time in my life but my faith grew thru it.

Scott:  I struggle with forgiveness and I talk to God a lot in my car during my commutes to and from work. It seems like whenever I ask Him for help with forgiving others, a song about God’s forgiveness comes on Life 101.9.

Tami:  Several years ago, I was struggling to find my way back to God. I was sort of floundering in life, at work and at home. I was listening to the radio (a different station) on my way to work and I realized that this was not what I wanted to listen to if I was going to grow in faith. I searched the radio and Life 101.9 came on with a great song…it was the reminder I needed that even when I wasn’t following God the way I should have been. That day I started my way back to God.

Michelle (age 17):  Last year, when I first discovered Life 101.9, I was going through a pretty bad time. I was anxious and had bouts of depression. I heard about this radio station, and once I heard the first song, my spirits were lifted. My appreciation for God (which was, at that time, quite minimal) had risen significantly and I could feel myself float towards recovery. To this day, the music on Life 101.9 still uplifts me and reminds me of those times and how much better I am now.

Something to think about.


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