A special shout out to the “Snap, Crackle, Pop Club” from Grace Church in Shellsburg. They invited me to come speak to them yesterday morning. It was my first appointment after my long weekend of grand kids, hot dogs and bottle rockets.

We had a great time together.

The Snap, Crackle, Pop Club are mostly attenders of Grace Church. They meet every month gathering for food, fun and fellowship. They choose a table topic to keep the conversation on track (and if it gets off track, that’s ok too.) If they should exhaust their topic, they just hang out and talk about something else. Even though the conversation this month concerned Christian radio, I heard opinions about the fireworks – both good and bad. I heard from a lady who loves country music and didn’t shun me when I told her that I didn’t care for it. On a more serious note, I heard from a guy whose stint in prison brought him to his knees. His tipping point of faith came at a point of personal crisis. Kind of like Jonah and the big fish!

I was asked to come and share about the ministry of Life 101.9 and tell about changed lives. I never tire of telling others about what God is doing at Life 101.9 but mostly I think I just love being with other believers who gather to celebrate life together. I can “snap, crackle and pop” with the best of ’em.

I don’t know about you, but for me, when fellowship “happens”, I always leave with a cup running over from the testimonies of excited brothers and sisters who notice God’s fingerprint on their lives and enjoy telling their stories and listening to others. Funny how fellowship fills our cups. We come together to give and end up getting back more than we bargained for. Oh, the economy of God! We witness faith in the lives of others and it changes and renews us to go out and face giants once again. It never fails. Fellowship recharges “weary batteries” like few other Christian habits can.

Thanks to Pastor Brian and those who made me feel so welcome.

Something to think about.

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