I learned something today. The term “Dog Days of Summer” has it’s origins in ancient Greek mythology.

Check it out.

For me, and most Americans I would assume, we have made the term synonymous with the hottest days of summer. I tend to get lazy during this season. Somehow getting out of my car and into the outdoor atmosphere just sucks the energy out me. I’d rather be sipping lemonade in climate controlled comfort.

But maybe that’s not you.

If you are a person that doesn’t like to let the heat dictate your activity, be wise. Heat stroke is no joke and it can come on fairly easily in the extreme heat. Make sure you take a bottle of water with you wherever you go. You will be perspiring even when you think you’re not in the extreme heat and will need to keep the cold water flowing to keep your body temperature under control.

Have a headache? Assume your dehydrated and drink a bottle of water.

And speaking of dogs, be careful with your furry friends when it’s this hot. Don’t leave your animals trapped in the heat no matter where you’re hanging out. On the road? You may want to take them with you when you go somewhere but leaving an animal in a hot car is never a good idea. Don’t take them with you if you think that you’ll be tempted to leave them for even just a few minutes. At home? If you don’t have air conditioning and it’s hot on the main level, take them to the basement where it’s usually cooler or at least leave the door open to the basement. Dogs and cats have a way of finding cooler spaces when given the chance.

Hot dogs should remind us of picnics and Joey Chestnut…not irresponsible pet ownership.

And by the way, Happy Belated Hot Dog Day. It was yesterday and I totally forgot!

The “Dog Days” don’t have to be totally inactive days but be smart. Use sunscreen, wear a cap and sunglasses, drink lots of water, stay out of direct sunlight for long stretches and enjoy the summer with dogged determination.

Something to think about.

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