Traditionally, recording artists have made their money by creating music that falls within acceptable parameters of beat, melody and harmony with sufficiently broad appeal such that it catches the attention of the radio industry.

Radio, taking a risk, plays such music believing it will gain traction with listeners. If radio listeners like a song enough, it becomes a hit. If the artist is fortunate enough to create several such pieces of music, the artist becomes more well known. And, if the musician can attract a sufficient number of fans who will pay to see them perform, they can make a musical career in the process.

A few weeks ago, we witnessed an artist with that special “something” that drew the audience in from the first chord played and kept our attention until he said his good byes two hours later. It was a wonderful time of celebrating the marvelous grace of God together.

Jason Gray was our guest performer at a private concert and reception honoring some special friends of the Life 101.9 ministry. The experience was unique because Jason is unique. Though life has been hard on him, he has let his pain squeeze lemonade out of lemons resulting in music that quenches and refreshes thirsty ears. There are concerts that entertain but this was a “night to remember.” Gray demonstrated transparency as he discussed past challenges (abused as a kid), and challenges that he still faces today (a stuttering problem). His vunerability created a special connection between artist and audience.

If you were with us, it was so good to have you and to experience this night with you. If you couldn’t be with us, I hope you can make it next time.

Sep 26th is the beginning of Fall Share 2017. I hope you will make plans to be with us as we celebrate all God has done in our lives and in the lives of family and friends. Got a story to share? Give us a call and share it. It could be that your story will bring hope to someone in need.

We still need phone volunteers for share week. Why not give it a try? You’ll be blessed, I promise. If you’re interested, give me a call on my cell phone at 319 213 7275 and I can share more info. with you.

It will be a week to remember for sure. Fall Share 2017. Thanks in advance for your faithful support of Life 101.9.

Have a great September.


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