Do you live in fear or stress? Many of us have become accustomed to the duress we are under on a daily basis. But we were not meant to live this way. According to Leon Fontaine prolonged periods of stress can have negative effects on your body.

“When you stay in stress and fear, the blood in your body literally goes to your extremities so that you can run and fight because that’s what stress does, it moves the blood away from your organs and it creates this havoc with your thinking.”

Some stress is born out of external sources like job responsibilities and relational conflict, other stress can come from our thought patterns. When we doubt our standing with God and His faithfulness we bring undue stress into our lives.

“They’re stressed about whether or not God is going to be allowing things because of the sins in their past.”

When we accept Jesus as our savior, God is at peace with us, and we should be at peace with Him. He doesn’t want us to live in fear or stress.

“Jesus took my sin, past, present, and future. There is no curse coming my way. God will never just be in the storm; He will always be with me against the storm.”

How do we find peace in a world that is so filled with stress?

“As I would meditate in the verses that had to do with what took place at the cross, I specifically focused on things like now there is no condemnation, that Jesus took all the wrath, that God is not angry at me.”

God doesn’t cross his arms and thumb his nose at us when we fall short. He loves us and he will never leave us or forsake us.

“Regardless of what happened, He would be with me. From that moment on, a peace began to be on the inside of me.”

Leon Fontaine is the senior pastor of Springs Church, one of the largest interdenominational churches in Canada, with six campuses across two provinces. He is CEO of Miracle Channel, Canada’s only 24-hour Christian family network, and host of “The Leon Show,” a daily interview program that airs in 150 countries.

Key Scripture: Proverbs 4:23

Featured Songs: Your Presence – River Valley; Closer – Life Worship UK; Not By Might – Robin Mark

Highlight: Finding peace amidst the noise

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