With each passing Sunday the conversation about standing or taking a knee during the national anthem grows. This past Sunday was no exception.

So many of the people in my social media feed are concerned with whether or not it is the right way to make a peaceful protest rather than focusing why the protests are happening to begin with.

Jesus told the story of individuals from two different people groups when he was illustrating what it means to love your neighbor as yourself. The Good Samaritan is heralded as the standard of compassion for meeting the needs of someone different from him, who likely believed differently than he did, and who probably hung out with different people than he did. The man on the side of the road was beaten, and the Good Samaritan helped. It is as simple as that. Our friends and neighbors are hurt. Will we help?

Are you willing to set aside your opinions about if a protest is happening in a way you agree with or not and go to your knees to pray for God’s Kingdom to come to earth in the form of justice for all? Will you see people with compassion rather than judgement? Will you be the hands and feet of Jesus to everyone—even those you may disagree with?

I hope that one day my little girl will see unity in our country rather than overwhelming division, but until that day, I believe it’s up to you and me to take step towards one another rather than away from one another. After all, the one thing that Jesus prayed for his followers in the future is that we would be one.