It tastes like maple and comes from the fruit of the coffee cherry. It’s the newest flavor at Starbuck’s. But it’s not about me. I glanced at the sign and my first thought was that they had finally made me my own personalized drink but then I realized that the sign says “Cascara” not “Calcara.”

This all happened in a split second of course but it reminded me of a huge mistake too many Christians make when they are trying to determine the big story that God was trying to communicate when he appointed 40 authors to write His book. Bible scholars call this big story, the meta-narrative. Here’s a hint. When trying to determine the Bible’s meta-narrative, just remember.

It’s not about you.

(For further study, I found a pretty good article on understanding the scope of the meta-narrative of the Bible. Check it out if you want to know more.)

In 1972, just days after I made a decision to trust Christ as my Lord and Savior, a friend gave me my first Bible. It was a New American Standard version. My friend encouraged me to write notes in the margin of the Bible as I read and studied. (For the record, I have always been reluctant to do this and have chosen to write notes, in a notebook rather than my Bible. The following anecdote illustrates why.)

I was glancing through that old Bible the other day and I read a note I put in there that had nothing to do with the passage it supposedly referred to. The note that I wrote reflected a false bit of information based on my erroneous understanding of the text.


Fortunately for most of us, we leave behind old ways of thinking as we grow in Christ. The key here is to bring a teachable heart (and a good mentor) to help us understand the meaning in the text. Over time, I have learned that the Bible is about Him not me, but my misguided study note does serve as a reminder that truth doesn’t need my spin to make it’s impact. In fact, if I can read the scripture without any preconceived notion on what’s being said, I am far better off.

Truth by it’s very nature, needs no helper.

In fact, Jesus declared, “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

So, today’s lesson?

Starbuck’s didn’t name a drink after me, and God, while he’s graciously included us in its grand outcome, didn’t write “His Book” about us either. 😉

Something to think about.

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