A renowned group of mental illness professionals predict that depression will be the number one sickness in the world by 2020.

Let that soak in for a moment. Even this notion, if even close to the truth, is…well…depressing.

But I can understand the prediction.

There are so many stress points raising our corporate blood pressures these days. Anxiety producing events such as natural disasters, “wars and rumors of wars” (see Matthew 24:6), diseases, relational conflicts, not to mention the pangs brought on by an increase in wicked living (see Matthew 24:12.)

I was having lunch with a friend the other day and we both agreed. It’s at once both an exciting time to be alive and also a most fearful time. It’s no wonder experts are predicting depression to be the world’s leading disease in a few short years.

It’s for times like these that we have Jesus.

Some of the classic artwork of days past shows John, one of Jesus’ disciples, leaning into the Master as a symbol of his complete dependence on His Lord.  What a pictorial lesson for us as we face these days of uncertainty.

Jesus, the one who stilled the storm, is the King of the world and yet he calls me his friend. I am his and he is mine. His banner over me is love. What a deal!

It’s no wonder we call his offer to trust in him, in calm days and stressful ones, “Good News.”

Good news indeed!

Something to think about.


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