We have officially arrived at leaf raking time around here.  The older I get, the more I have actually come to enjoy cleaning up the yard on a cool fall day.  It’s still a job, though, one that can take a good chunk of the day.

I was out working in our backyard over the weekend.  Starting to make some progress, but as usual the raking was taking longer than I thought it would.  I looked around and realized I still had quite a long way to go.

Then…to the rescue!  Our oldest daughter Anna came out, grabbed a rake and got to work.  I didn’t ask her to, she just wanted to help.  As you might imagine, with two people on the job the work went much quicker.  We were back inside enjoying a movie with the rest of the family in no time.

While we were finishing up, I got to thinking that each one of us has the opportunity to come to someone’s rescue this week.  Maybe it’s the single mom who could use some free babysitting so she could relax after another long day.  The friend facing cancer treatment who just wants to know they’re not alone.  Or maybe it’s just the Dad who would rather not spend his whole day raking leaves.

God has placed you where you are at this moment for a reason.  Who can you show his love to today?  Your simple actions could be the rescue someone desperately needs.

– Matt

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