What super powers will you have in heaven?

Don’t laugh. There are similarities between super heroes and heavenly beings that are fun to consider. Sometimes just watching super heroes do their thing on the big screen makes me get excited about life in heaven.

Do you ever wonder what it will be like to live with an indestructible body? And have you ever considered other superhuman qualities that we might possess? Hey, who knows, maybe we’ll have x-ray vision, super speed and the ability to fly! Combine whatever sublime “super humanness” we have with a measure of humanness and you get a picture of our first day in heaven!

Though we’ll have some superhuman qualities, I believe we’ll still have some of the characteristics that are uniquely human.  As we did as earthlings, so in heaven we will still find satisfaction in communal living, acceptance, love, and other points of connection.  Yet, all of these things will be met by living with Jesus, the creator of the universe, and his family of faith.

In a word, it will be…HEAVENLY!

(I have embraced some of these ideas after reading Randy Alcorn’s book “Heaven”. It’s the most biblical and detailed description of the afterlife for the believer that I’ve ever read. I highly recommend it.)

Perhaps my heavenly body will be a combination of my two of my favorite all time crime fighters. First, there’s Batman. Completely human, yet committed to fighting crime aided by his utility belt, the batmobile and a plethora of crime fighting “toys”. Then there’s Superman. He loves the inhabitants of Earth but unlike Batman, he’s NOT a human. He is super-human and he ALWAYS uses his power for good. Being human, and superhuman is a bit like Jesus, if you think about it.

Though not a perfect metaphor, consider that Jesus is in a way, has qualities like these two super heroes. (I know, the analogy seems a little sacrilegious, and odd, but hang in there.) Jesus was fully God, and fully man. A guy that ate when he was hungry, slept when he was tired. Had skin that was penetrated by nails and thorns. But at the same time he walked on water, raised people from the dead, walked through walls, and flew. He was both human, and superhuman. In heaven, we will share his dual identity.

In the words of Nancy Honeytree, “Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast!”

Something to think about.

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