This morning, God took over the radio station. As Toby Mac would say, “He stole our show!”

Indeed. Here’s how it all came down but first, the back story.

Loretta and her friend Denise have been regular volunteers at our share events for years. They liked to volunteer together, after all they were best friends. When we put together the volunteer roster for Share this week, Loretta’s name was conspicuously absent. This morning we learned why. On November 29th, Loretta went home to be with Jesus.

As the morning show progressed however, it seemed like she was still with us.

Read her obituary here.

When I interviewed Denise to learn more about Loretta, she told me about how their friendship had grown in large part because of a group of about 20 ladies, who called themselves “the Bible Babes.”  This group has attended the same bible study at their local church for a while now and the ladies have become close. Denise and Loretta were charter BB members.  (It’s my understanding that the name “Bible Babes” didn’t catch on at first. Apparently, the moniker seemed a little “out there” for a bunch of reformed church women but alas it stuck. Now one of them has taken up residence in heaven. 🙂 )

No worries Denise. I’m sure Jesus likes the name, I’m just sayin

When Denise came in to volunteer for Winter Share this morning, she told us Loretta’s story. She shared that a memorial gift had been made to sponsor a day of broadcasting on Life 101.9 and that the donors would like to issue it as a challenge to others who remembered Loretta. When Kim and Adam, the Life 101.9 morning team along with Melony McKaye, who has been assisting us this week from our sister station in Kansas City heard Loretta’s story, they decided to take the hour from 8-9am to invite the audience to respond.

So, they shared Loretta’s story with our audience and invited others who were listening – those who knew Loretta, and those who didn’t – to make a gift to support Life 101.9 in her honor. When the hour was over, nearly $5000 in additional gifts for the ministry was raised. Those who knew Loretta or who were touched by her story called in and shared how Loretta had impacted their life making gifts in her honor. Friends, family, members of her community, even co-workers called in. Those who knew her well and those who barely knew her all wanted to be a part.  In death as in life, Loretta made an impact in her world and indeed, she is still making one.

It was touching to hear the stories from scores of people that wanted Loretta’s life to be shared. Many of those who called in had never heard of Life 101.9 but now they know about a radio station that can be there to encourage them when they need to be reminded of God’s love.

And so it is.  Our listeners now feel like they’ve met met her. And indeed they have. Someday, Eastern Iowans of faith shall all meet her face to face. Today we celebrated Loretta’s life, the way she would have wanted I think.

This morning, once again, Jesus stole our show! It’s a cool thing when God takes over a radio station.

Something to think about.

2 Responses to "Remembering Loretta"

  • Deb Prier says:

    Wow. I knew Denise was going to have a hard time without Loretta. However, I did not have the radio on this morning… sure wished I did. I’ve known Denise and Loretta for a long time. Both of these Bible Babes are true ambassadors for our Lord!

  • Beverly says:

    I usually listen, but this morning I was in a meeting at that time. Loretta was truly the most WARM hearted women I know. I feel like everyone who knew her felt like friends since first meeting her. She was loved by so many! When Loretta had her brain aneurism several years ago all of the Parkersburg high school students & junior high students were praying for her recovery. Our blessed Lord heard their prayers & she was able to be with us a little longer. She is missed by many!! 😓💔

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