Have you ever bought a gift for someone who already had way more than they needed? I remember as a kid, sometimes getting toys that I already had and therefore, rarely played with. I’m convinced that this happens in suburban America everywhere. Musing on this thought gave me an idea that I think has the potential to rekindle the joy of giving without breaking the budget.

This year I have decided that I am going to give one extra gift to encourage someone outside my normal gift giving circle and I’m asking you to do this same.

Just one.

Maybe you want to go buy something for someone who doesn’t have a lot. Someone who you know could really be blessed by a gift. Wrap it up and take it to them with a hug or a handshake. Maybe you’d rather give it anonymously. You can be their “Secret Santa” and feel the joy in knowing that you just made Jesus smile. (I’m still thinking this through, can you tell?) It may be different for you than for me. The Holy Spirit is so creative!

Here’s an added wrinkle that could work especially well for parents or grandparents. It may even work for aunts or uncles seeking to create an experience with a niece or nephew. It will take a little patience but the investment just might be worth it. 🙂

What if we made this exercise a teaching opportunity by including a child in the process.  If you can’t think of someone to bless, most churches have an “angel tree” or similar project that needs a motivated giver. Maybe you know of someone at your child’s school that could use a lift from one little gift. And if we really want to go the extra mile, wouldn’t it be cool if we looked to give to someone who is hard to love; someone who doesn’t “deserve a blessing” by our standards? (After all, do any of us really deserve a blessing?) Take your young family member shopping and afterwards, you could even let your little elf make the greeting card. As we may learn, involving little hands may a special blessing that’s worth the extra effort!

You and I can give an extra gift. We can do it secretly or do it face to face. We can do it for someone we know, or someone we don’t. We can give to someone lovable or someone who’s mostly a “grinch” – but by all means, we need to just do it!

This is so happening. I’m in. Are you?

Something to think about.

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