This can be a challenging time of year if you have little ones around the house.  The cold temperatures may force you to stay inside more than you would like to, and there may be a good chance you’ve run out of ideas of things to do.  It’s officially cabin fever time!

Thankfully, I found a great article this week that offers some fun ideas to keep the kids entertained and having fun…even if you have to keep them inside.

For example:

Host an indoor luau!  Get out the shorts and bathing suits (maybe turn the furnace up a degree or two!) and have a picnic on the floor.  You could also have a limbo contest with a broom and a couple chairs.

Bake cookies…and get the kids involved.  This may take a bit longer and require more patience than doing it on your own.  But letting everyone have a hand in the process will make the final product taste even sweeter!

Ready for some more tips to help beat cabin fever this year?  You can read the full article by clicking here.

– Matt

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