If you had another $50, or $100 or more in your bank account every month, can you imagine the difference it would make for your family budget?

I read a great, and somewhat challenging article today with some practical steps to take to save more in 2018.  A few examples they shared include:

– Cut out two monthly expenses.  Go over what you’re spending money on.  Everything.  Is there a magazine subscription or membership you’re no longer using?  Making sure we’re really using the things we’re spending money on could be any easy way to add a little extra back into your family budget.

– Save your raise.  Did you get a little boost in pay at the beginning of the year?  Instead of just letting those new funds be absorbed into what you spend every month, consider putting that away in a savings account or your 401k.  Those savings could really add up!

Want more tips on how to save more this year?  You can read the full article here.

– Matt

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