One of my jobs in our family is taking Anna, our oldest daughter, to school each day.  She has to be there around 7:30, which is about the time the sun has been coming up over the last month or so.  On clear days I’ve been able to track the progress of our extended daylight recently.  It started with just a sliver of sunlight a few weeks ago.  At the same time this morning, the sun was completely over the horizon.  More daylight means spring is coming…which is very good news!

While I was enjoying the thought of spring time on horizon this week, I got to thinking about you.  There is a chance you might find yourself in a time of “winter” in your life.  Job loss, relationship challenges or maybe just messing up your new years’ resolution has you in a tough spot this year.  In the Bible, God says “…Look!  I am making all things new.”  I just want to encourage you in the middle of whatever it is, to trust that God is working.

When we pray and don’t feel like we’re being heard, it can be so hard.  Here’s the good news…God hears your prayers!  And just like we are one step closer to spring than we were yesterday, you are one step closer to God’s answer and help for the situation you find yourself in.

Hang in there.  God loves you.  Your spring is coming.

– Matt

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