God made you, and you are awesome! You are cherished, you are loved, you are adored!

Maybe you know someone you can share this with who needs to be reminded that they, too, are awesome!


2 Responses to "You are awesome!"

  • Carrie says:

    This came on the radio as I was driving to work this morning and I was so impacted by the message that I almost had to pull over because of the tears streaming down my face! I’m going to make sure that my daughters listen to this so they too are reminded that they are cherished and are beautiful – not by what society tells us – but in the eyes of our Lord and Savior. Thank you for such a powerful message today. It is one that I needed to hear.

  • Michelle says:

    As I was leaving work this came on. I had to stop in the parking lot and let it flow over me like the tears of joy that flowed down my face! All women need to hear this direct-from-God message and take it to heart. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! God has put a piece of His heart in all of us, and, as His precious creations and children, He loves us so!
    Praise you God for your unfailing, never-ending love!

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