I think it’s fair to say we all want to show kindness to the people around us.  At the same time, though, we’re busy!  With all that you have on your plate each day, coming up with ideas on how to creatively show kindness might be easy to forget.

Good news!  I read an article today with 30 (!) idea starters for you, for instance:

  • Hand written thank you note.  When was the last time you sat down to write a quick note of thanks when someone did something nice for you?  It just takes a few minutes and can really brighten someone’s day.
  • A cup of joe.  Surprise a friend or co-worker with a cup coffee.  Again, doesn’t take a lot of time and can give a literal “boost” to their day!

Want to check out the rest of the ideas?  You can read the full article here.

– Matt

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