Though spring is slow in coming, these stories of changed lives are sure to warm your heart. It’s the real testimonies of real people that remind us why we do, what we do.


Christian:   After a really disappointing turn with a prospective job, songs on Life 101.9 shed some light amid my bitterness and helped me to more quickly move on from brooding.

Ruthanne:  Every time I turn to Life 101.9, I’m encouraged! There is *always* something happening in my life that angers, disappoints, frustrates or otherwise distracts me from the fact that my goal is *heaven* – not Facebook status or promotions or how long the traffic light is, or whether or not our children actually remember to brush their teeth tonight. Life 101.9 helps me try to keep my focus in the right place and my eyes on what is above me, not what is before or behind me.

Elizabeth:  Every morning on my drive to work, I’m inspired by the songs and commentary on Life 101.9. It helps remind me to keep God in the forefront as I go to a job I no longer enjoy.

Michele:  God speaks to me thru the songs being played, on a daily basis. I listen to Life 101.9 daily and wake up to it on my alarm clock. It makes waking up in the mornings a positive start to my day.

Mandy:  I am struggling a lot right now. Listening to Life 101.9 helps me remember that there is nothing God cannot help me with. It is hard to let go and to not be doubtful and stubborn, but in my life music has always been there for me.  Life 101.9 never fails me.

Jennifer:  I have always turned to Life 101.9 during difficult times. There always seems to be a song that defines the season I am in.  For example, “Even If” by MercyMe is a song I listen to a lot right now. My dad passed away just over a month ago and it has been a difficult time. But the music reminds me God is always there!

Patty:  I have listened to Life 101.9 for so many years! What really encourages me…is when I’ve suggested to people who are struggling or need a life change to try listening to your station for just 30 minutes a day – they all end up listening to Life 101.9 all the time! Your station changes not just moments or days – but LIVES!

Something to think about!

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