It started with my Dad and me over a half a century ago.

He was my first and primary baseball coach when I was still knee high to a grasshopper. It impacted me so much that I coached my kids and today, my kids are teaching their kids. Three generations of Calcara baseball/softball, and counting…

My brothers and I spent countless hours on a baseball diamond summer after summer with my Dad. Ditto when I coached my sons and daughter. I don’t regret it a bit. For in the process of learning how to play the game, we’ve shared life together and learned valuable lessons. The importance of doing our best. The importance of playing fair. The importance of sportsmanship and respecting the call of the umpire whether we agreed, or not. 🙂  The things we learned brought us closer together and taught us about faith in creative ways as well.

So what are your summertime traditions? Was baseball a “hit” in your family? Are you “hooked” on fishing? Maybe you really “dig” gardening because your parents dug it too. It doesn’t matter.

Do something you enjoy doing, bring along a kid or two for the shared experience and reap the rewards.

Be creative and be brave, especially if you’re starting something new. It’ll be fun, and your kids – grand kids – nieces/nephews or whoever you bring along with you will love you for the time you’re giving them.

Don’t forget that the Jeremy Camp/MercyMe concert is coming up on June 15th. I hope you are planning on being with us but regardless, would you please pray that the Holy Spirit would fill the McGrath Amphitheater and call thirsty souls to experience the awesome love of God? Our world is in need of God’s touch perhaps as never before. Let’s ask God to do something really special that day as we enjoy our time together!

And don’t forget to check out our long list of happenings as you plan your summer. We’ve got a lot going on. Fun times!

Happy June!


Prayer requests for June

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