With the school year winding down, there’s so much to do and the kids all seem to have crazy amounts of energy. May is hard!

Here’s a fun prayer for you this month that may help you survive until summer:

Dear Lord

Deliver us from halfhearted lunch-packing and complete lack of backpack checking. Please see us through the nights when the sun is up later than our kids and yet they have to go to bed because the bus is inexplicably still arriving to pick them up each morning.

Please carry us through the endless stream of May-induced special events and programs and projects and help us to see that they are special and fun and not indeed designed to kill us all.

Please Lord, keep us from completely throwing in the towel and packing old Easter candy as a main lunch attraction. And for dinner, Lord, let everyone agree that frozen pizza and waffles five nights a week is a valid new nutritional plan that may lack in variety but will at very least certainly not kill us before June.

Please dear God, let the sports jerseys and overdue library books appear out of the various piles when summoned. Let the clean socks and underwear multiply like the loaves and fishes.

And most of all, please dear Lord, let us make it through May without completely losing our minds, our children or the will to go on. Because all three are being called into question tonight.


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  • Linda Tanner says:

    Love it—almost there!! I an inhome childcare provider need prayers for Summer! -Really–safety for all my kids – and help to be a good Christian witness.
    Thank you-Blessings to all you wonderful people!

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