It’s hard to beat summertime for the proverbial Kodak moment.

Just ask Dax.

Flanked by his dad (my son, Brett) and bestie Rubble, Dax was soaking it all in. This is what I love about this time of year. Capturing memories of the fam is nearly a daily experience because there’s so much going on. How did we ever survive before the smartphone? (If you haven’t noticed by now, I love to share some of my favs in these posts.)

I call them “quick pics” because so often I shoot, post to Facebook and then I’m on to the next thing in about sixty seconds.

I’m into simple. How about you?

That said, here’s my question: “Do you have some quick pics of your crew that you’d like to share?”

Send me a quick pic – it can be a selfie or not – and if I use it in a post, I’ll send you a durable Tervis tumbler Life 101.9 water bottle – a $20 value – just to say “thanks” for your trouble.

C’mon now. You’re posting to Facebook anyway, what’s a few more clicks? So, if it’s Facebook worthy, shoot one my way too!  You might win a water bottle just like this one!

Send your “Quick pic” along with a quick liner to let me know the back story behind the picture. Send it to I can’t wait to see it.

Something to think about.


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