We were so giddy when we took this pic, we could have belted out a few lines of that old familiar tune.

“Hail! Hail! The gang’s all here! Never mind the weather, long as we’re together!’

I guess working with those you enjoy being with does have it’s benefits. (Did I mention that I love my job?)

I’m actually starting my eighth year at Life 101.9 and I can hardly believe it! The time has gone by so quickly. One of the memories of the first seven will always be how we rarely had a full staff in operation at any one time because of one thing or another. Yet the members of our depleted team always pulled together and picked each other up without complaint knowing that God was using Life 101.9 in a powerful way.

In case you’re wondering, the front row of smiles that you see here belong to Adam Hannen morning co-host, Jenn Pooler midday host and Matt Deane weekday evening host. In the back row, it’s “Yours Truly” followed by Lyle Krueger Saturday morning host, Kim Bindel-Ford morning co-host, Deb Pugh administrative assistant, Dave Dobes Sunday afternoon host/chief engineer and last but not least, our fearless leader, Doug Smith station manager.  (Missing from picture: Sarah Stevens weekend host, Rick Hall weekday afternoon host.)

Now you can put a face with a “voice.”

Something to think about.


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  • Kendra H says:

    This message is for Kim and Adam about the Free Lunch Friday you graciously brought to my workplace the other day. Thank you both so much for doing that, my coworkers might not understand completely the concept of why this happened, but it means something to me. I appreciated it so much and it was very nice to meet you both in person even though I probably sounded like a dork. I am hoping to come out to some events this summer so I’ll see you there then!!

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