If you were willing to bear the oppressive heat index, Jeremy Camp and MercyMe made you glad you came.

I know I was.

So many great songs from two of God’s more prolific musical artists. The night was as much of a worship service as it was a concert. The long anticipated summer blockbuster definitely was as good as advertised. It’s funny. I had the thought that I wouldn’t stay for the concert this time. I have seen MercyMe and Jeremy on numerous occasions and because of the heat. I just thought I’d pass.

I do have duties that I perform at Life 101.9 sponsored concerts because it’s my job to handle those duties. But usually these things occur before the concert. Once the show begins, usually I am free to leave and sometimes I do.

I stayed last night and I am so glad I did. It was totally worth the sweat to be sure.

Something to think about.

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