Life 101.9 brings hope and encouragement to those who suffer.

Andrew:  Thank you for providing encouragement through your station. My daughter is currently at the Children’s Hospital in Iowa City recovering from open heart surgery at just three weeks old. My wife and I have had a roller coaster of a ride since May 11th. When we were scared or nervous, Life 101.9 provided the right song that God wanted us to hear in that moment. From last Thursday when we thought we would lose our little peanut to where we are now, we can’t thank your station for the encouragement that we needed, but especially me as I struggled with seeing my daughter go through what she has gone through in just her short time here so far. I thank God every day for her life and I just ask you guys keep us in your prayers as her recovery process is going to be a long one and thank you for the encouragement every day!!.

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Patricia:  I listen to Life 101.9 because it helps me to start my day out worshiping and thinking about our heavenly father, and how lucky I am to be able to worship him without being persecuted. Adam & Kim help me to start my day out right and Rick and Matt help me to put the workday behind me as I head home.

Jennifer:  I like to fill my mind with Christian music any time possible. It helps me to focus on God throughout my day. I often hear a song that I’ve heard many times and one day I’ll find a totally new message from it. God really does bring the right song to us at the right time.

Jessica:  I listen to Life 101.9 because it’s a daily dose of encouragement. I always catch myself singing along.  In the morning when I drive to work at 3am, it’s just a great way to start my day, especially because I work in a super stressful environment.  A plus side to listening is that there isn’t a ton of talking!  Most other radio stations basically have a talk show with only a few songs.

Kortney: I listen to Life 101.9 because not only do I not have to try to sort out the words and the meaning behind what is being sung, but I know that as I listen to the words sung and spoken, they are speaking to the very heart of me, and inspire and encourage me. There is a saying… “garbage in, garbage out.” I believe this is true for what a person chooses to listen to in music as well. I don’t want the music I listen to on a day to day basis to create a stinky attitude within me that reflects in my life, but rather I want to be uplifting towards others as I am uplifted through the music played on Life 101.9.

Michelle:  I need something positive when I listen to the radio. There is very little that is positive – peoples’ attitudes, the way people act, and everything you hear on the news is negative. Every time one more person chooses to listen to Life 101.9 instead of something else — that is one more person that has decided that being positive and following God is the best way.

Kari:  I started listening regularly about 2 years ago.  I used to flip through other stations, but the messages in those songs made me insecure about myself and were inappropriate for my kids.  I realized, why am I listening to messages that aren’t encouraging and empowering?  I needed something positive and uplifting in my life.  I needed a place to turn when situations in life just seemed inexplicable and overwhelming.  Life 101.9 gave me a place to share in positive things that are happening in the world.  The songs and team are so uplifting, positive and empowering for me to go out and be uplifting and encouraging for others.  Their vulnerability is inspiring and touches my heart and soul.  I’m so glad I found Life 101.9!

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