I love this picture.

It was taken on our family vacation that ended just a few days ago. In this picture, one of my sons is out in front of me as we explore a cave together. He’s leading the way. He’s telling me what he sees. If you look very closely at our silouettes, you can learn a lot from our body language. I watch him plow ahead with unwavering determination while I hold back wondering if walking on jagged rocks through the dark in a 65 year old body is a good idea. He charges; I retreat (well almost). He discovers; I attempt to “recover.”

I smile as I remember days gone by when I would lead and he would follow. Those days are long past. (Did I mention that caves don’t offer easier paths for seniors?)

What this picture doesn’t show is my grand kids cave experience. They also navigated the darkness better than “Papa” did. 🙂  Showoffs!

Moving slowly is what Grandpas and Grandmas do – We’re learning.

Throughout the week, we had many conversations about Kingdom things. That’s what we do on vacation. We play and we talk. We cook, eat and do dishes, then play and talk some more. And we repeat the process the next day. Hearing my kids speak about the things they’ve learned makes me smile. Life has so many lessons to teach us. When we see our kids learn the same lessons we’ve learned, I realize how cyclical life really is. Not much is new “under the sun.”

I hope you make the most of your family reunions and vacations this summer. I know we’ve really enjoyed ours. I relished playing Grandpa aka: Papa, I must admit. But I still enjoy playing Dad even if I follow more than I lead. There’s joy in following too. There’s something about watching the torch being passed that is satisfying.

Something to think about.

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