“Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.”

I first heard that phrase from one of my teammates when I was in college. He yelled it at me from the dugout after I got hit with an inside fastball leaving a bruise on my back the size of a grapefruit.

But there’s another kind of mark; invisible but indelible non the less. It’s the one made when a key person in your life is no longer be there for whatever reason. Our staff is experiencing this loss right now.

After 19 years at Life 101.9, Doug Smith our former “fearless leader” and station manager, has moved on to take a similar position at our sister station Life 97.9 serving the Fargo/Moorhead area. With 19 years of faithful service in eastern Iowa, Doug certainly left a mark on all of us. A really good one, it turns out. My colleagues will remember him for his genuine laugh, his focus on what was important, his love for the Lord and genuine belief in the radio ministry that we have done together. Be sure you take time to read his farewell message.

Best of success to you Doug in your new position. You will be missed. And if you think winters are cold here, just you wait!

Maybe someone who used to be in your life, is no longer and their absence is really being felt at this time. It’s in times like these that Life 101.9 will be there to bring the music that speaks of God’s attributes, like his immutability.

The fact that God does not change is especially comforting when our life does.

As we head into share month, I am so grateful for your faithful stewardship that has allowed us to be there to help our listeners navigate the winds of change. Like a good compass, we intend to be there to direct you and others to what’s most important. It’s the presence of God that allows us to thrive no matter what life throws at us.

And speaking of leaving a mark, let’s do it together, shall we? Reminding others that God loves them can change them forever.

Have a scintillating September!


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