As we celebrate kindness this month at Life 101.9, I am reminded of one supreme act of kindness shown by King David in the OT and how it relates to us today.

David was no longer a shepherd boy. He had long since defeated Goliath and the entire Philistine army, gained immense favor with the children of Israel and was now reigning as the second king of Israel. His predecessor Saul and his son Jonathan were no longer living but to honor them David showed kindness to his grandson Mephibosheth (son of Jonathan) – a poor soul who had been lame since he was a child.

David restored his inheritance and invited him to come and dine with him each day for the rest of his life. Amazing! This story in II Samuel 9 is definitely worth reading. It says that David sought out “someone in the house of Saul to whom (he) might show the kindness of God.” It’s truly a picture of kindness and grace, not unlike the grace shown us in Jesus. For Jesus seeks us out and calls us to himself when we have nothing to offer him in return.

Oh, the kindness of The King! May we receive it and give it away in His name!

Something to think about.

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