The other day I was wanting to watch a TV show in a little bit of downtime I had. I like to pick a series and watch episodes here and there when I find some time.  But I found myself scrolling through the many shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. and not having a clue what would be good to watch that I would enjoy.  Then I remembered I’ve seen others ask on social media what to watch.  So I took to my phone and posted the question.

What should I watch?  I asked friends and family for TV show recommendations thinking I’d get a few. The response was overwhelming. Tons of friends posted with multiple TV show recommendations in each response. As I sorted through the shows, and eventually decided on one to watch, a new thought hit me.

Why don’t we do that with our faith?  What if we were bold enough to ask for help with struggles in our faith? Imagine if I were to go to social media and post a question of something I’m struggling with in my faith and ask for advice.  Do you think I’d get the same response?  I doubt it.  But what if we were bold enough not only to ask those questions but to help each other out and post answers, opinions, recommendations and resources? Think about how much we could all grow!

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