I remember the good ol’ days when many (or should I say most) retail stores were closed on Sundays. I believe the idea came from the fact that in the Christian tradition, many people in America honored the Sabbath by taking a rest from normal activities, including all forms of shopping.

Today of course, many stores are open 24/7 – some even on Christmas day – if you can believe it. Times have indeed changed.

Permit me to segue to Christmas day since we’re in the season.

I for one am thankful for the handful of stores that at least close their doors for part of the day to let their employees enjoy time off with friends and family. Now I admit that I can usually find a reason to visit my local convenience story for gas, a soft drink or something on Christmas but I have to wonder…

Couldn’t I just as easily do without my “convenience” for a few brief hours?

I have to admit, there is something peaceful when I walk past a store that is closed on December 25th to honor the Saviour’s birth. Strolling by, I think about the employees of that store, and how at that very moment, they get to enjoy some time off to be at home, to sleep in, to sit and read, to visit with a relative, or whatever.

It’s true. When “all is calm, all is bright” in the  neighborhood, the silent holiness reminds me of the good ‘ol days.

Something to think about.

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