Die hards like you and me consider crazy winter weather as just a series of speed bumps that we have to navigate from time to time.

After all, “speed bumps” are just periodic barriers that keep us from going as fast as you want, right?  And that’s really all a difficult winter is. Icy roads, driveways to shovel and subzero days are just barriers that keep us from going as fast as we want.

That said, there are some of our regular activities that can be forgotten or skipped for no real reason except that we’re a bit out of sync. For example, it seems the weather has become a bit of a speed bump for us here at the station. The giving of some of our partners has apparently “slipped on the ice” the past few weeks and we could really use your help to get us back on our feet.

With Spring Share coming March 26-29th, would you consider a gift to help us get back on track? Remember that your financial gift means that together, we get to share God’s love with so many that need to hear it. And if you’re interested in making a matching gift to inspire others to give for the first time, please reply to this email to let me know and I’ll help you set that up.

Thanks in advance for making a gift that will help us get over the hump…’er bump.

OK, let me hear you. Altogether now…

“Onward Christian soldiers, marching into March!”



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