We’ve finally moved out of the home where we raised six kids and are now adjusting to life in a condo. As we prepare to sell our old home, we’ve spruced up the place but we’ve decided to leave a few family pictures on the walls when we show to prospective buyers just to give it that “homey feel.”

The sign on the wall above says – “Home is where one starts out from.” That’s kind of a homey sentiment. I got to thinking when I read that phrase for the millionth time the other day about how important “good starts” are. And not just the big start from childhood home to life as an adult. How about the little starts that get us going every single day no matter where we are in life’s journey.

Just consider the little starts that you get from Life 101.9! (How’s that for a segue?)

Take Hannah for instance. She relies on a “good start” from Life 101.9 every single day. Just recently, she wrote, “I have a traveling job so when I’m in the car, I so appreciate being able to have a time of worship driving to my next location!”

Wow! What an honor and a privilege for us to be “home base” for listeners like Hannah each and every day. Providing good starts each morning is kinda what we do.

And because of your generosity during Spring Share this past week, we’ll be providing “good starts” to your days all year long!

Thanks so much for your ongoing partnership in the station that’s providing a good start for you and so many others!

Spring has sprung. Enjoy.


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  • Rad Finch says:

    Great picture of you, the wife and grandkids. Downsizing is never easy and my suspicion is retirement may just be around the corner. Keep spoiling the grandkids and serving others to the glory of our God!!!

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