One of the things I really enjoy about my job is the opportunity to spend time with friends like you who support Life 101.9 so faithfully.  Over the last few months, I have been braving the icy, snowy highways of Eastern Iowa meeting some great people, hearing amazing stories of how God is using the ministry.

A few that stand out include Kathy, who works at an area hospital.  As you can imagine, her days can be crazy.  She told me that she loves to have Life 101.9 on in her office not only because it encourages her and helps her get the right perspective on the challenges she faces, but the uplifting music changes the atmosphere and helps her to share God’s love with her co-workers.

I was also able to spend a few minutes with Linda, who has been through a challenging year to say the least.  Linda lost her husband last year, and through her grief, God has used Life 101.9 to bring her encouragement.  She shared that there have been numerous times over the last year where God has used the “right song at the right time” to remind her that He is with her every step of the way.

As I reflect on these stories, I am so grateful.  Grateful to God, for how he is working in Eastern Iowa. Grateful for the small part we get to play here at Life 101.9, and grateful to friends like you who make it possible.  Life 101.9 is a listener-supported station, and quite literally, we can’t do what we do every day without you!  Our Spring Share fundraiser kicks off on March 26th.  If you haven’t made a gift or pledge to keep Life 101.9 strong, I would be grateful for your prayerful consideration.  Your support really does make a difference!  You can join the support team with your gift at 866-515-1019 or by giving online.

I will be back on the road soon and cannot wait to hear more stories of how God is using Life 101.9 in the lives of friends all over Eastern Iowa.  It is my prayer that the music we play reminds you that God loves you and will be with you no matter what you are facing.


In Christ,

Matt Deane

Station Manager

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