My wife has an old typewriter that she used when she was in high school. It may be the only useless thing we own that we won’t take to the landfill before we transition to a condo later this month.

We plan to keep it just as a conversation piece. It’s been around to witness hundreds of stories. More than we’ll ever have time to tell.

We joked about it when we were packing a few days ago. We’ve taken it with us everywhere we’ve moved through over four decades of marriage yet it hasn’t been taken out of it’s case for nearly 30 years. Typewriters were all the rage at one time. Then better technology eventually made them obsolete.

If that old thing could share any story, I wonder which one it would pick. The longer I think about what it has seen, and what has been told through it’s keys, the more stories that come to mind.

Stories of changed lives are everywhere if we take time to think about them. That’s because faith marks our steps through good times and bad. God’s faithfulness is always in play. You can see His impact in both giant footprints and gentle whispers.

Do you have an old story to tell? Like the typewriter, perhaps you’ve got a lot you could share too! I hope you’ll take the time to tell us how God has used Life 101.9 in your life to remind you of his love. Any story’ll do. Pick a large one, or a small one.

Who knows who you will encourage as you proclaim his goodness.

Share a little bit of your story here and thanks for taking time to encourage someone you may never meet.

Something to think about.

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