A few weeks ago, the Virginia Cavaliers celebrated one shining moment.

And well they should have.

Winning a national championship on college basketball’s biggest stage is no small feat. It’s definitely worth celebrating because of all the hard work and dedication it takes to get there.

Congrats are in order to the Cavaliers, a team that lost to a #16 seed just a year earlier but allowed the pain of that loss to redouble their efforts putting them into a position to cut down the nets with a thrilling overtime victory over the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

I am especially excited for Cavalier head coach Tony Bennett. He’s a man who lives out his Christian faith with true dignity and humility. With last night’s thrilling victory, Coach Bennett has become an elite college coach. He is well-deserving of all the accolades  and fame that this victory will bring him. But I’m sure that Coach would agree with me that there is one shining moment that will be celebrated all over the world just days from now that is far more important to the human race. Care to guess what moment coach and I are thinking of?

Hint: It has nothing to do with basketball. (Or eggs, chicks or chocolate bunnies for that matter.)  Ooops. Did the egg, chick and bunny comment give it away? My bad. 🙂

With Easter looming just weeks away, I hope you will take time to reflect on God’s one shining moment. It was the time when he won back his creation with a single supreme act of love. He paid the debt that we could not pay by dying a horrible death on a Roman cross then proved that he was not just a man, but rather the Creator God himself by rising from the dead three days later.

And all of this so that we could share in the joys of heaven with Him forever. (No wonder we call it Good News!)

Make plans to worship with friends and family this Easter. And take time to soak in what it all means. Trust me. It’ll be time well spent.

Something to think about.

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