Your team is going to the Final Four and to let you celebrate in style, I want to give you an all expense paid trip to National Championship weekend in Minneapolis. You’ll receive airfare, lodging at a five star hotel, scrumptious cuisine, and seats right behind your team’s bench.


HAW, HAW, HAW! April fools. 

Truth is you’ll be staying home next weekend because your team ain’t going nowhere. HAW, HAW! GUFAW! GUFAW! YOU LOST AGAIN! Nah nah nah nah naaah nah!

So how do you feel now?

(I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist!)

Back to reality.

OK.  My team was eliminated a long time ago and my bracket? Totally busted. But I still watched Duke lose by a point to Michigan State this past weekend. It was a close game with the lead changing hands multiple times in the final minutes.

As I watched the post game reactions of the crowd and the players, one of the thoughts I had was how quickly things can change in a game that was as closely contested as this one. During the final timeout with just seconds to go, players from both teams huddled with their coach, brimming with confidence that they’d be able to execute the final play just as they rehearsed it multiple times in practice. Then the whistle blew, there was chaos on the court for a few brief seconds and the final tick of the clock signaled a winner…and a loser.

For about half of the crowd, there was just silence. Heads were buried in hands and there were tears. Lots of ’em. For the other half, it was chaotic exuberance.

Then, both coaches shook hands and the Spartans cut down the nets. The game was history.

It all happened so fast. Just seconds earlier, both teams anticipated that they’d be at practice in less than 24 hours preparing for one more week of basketball. Moments later, it became clear. Only one team will practice. The other will be cleaning out their lockers.

Life can be like that. The emotional highs and lows of life can be hard to manage, and like the aforementioned game, they can change so quickly. That’s why life goes better when we have a personal relationship with God through his Son, Jesus. Hey, I’ll admit it. I’m a big fan of all the major sports. And when my team loses, it hurts. But it hurts less and for a shorter length of time when I catch my breath and remind myself that mere ball games don’t define me. Yet having been adopted as God’s child does. I guess that’s why we call it “Good News.” And oh, by the way, there’s always “Victory in Jesus!” Amen?

Knowing Christ is never Fool’s Gold. You can take THAT fact to the bank!

Something to think about.

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