In December of 1999, we were all preparing for disasters that would befall us from Y2K power outages, etc. Experts disagreed as to what would really happen when the ball fell on Times Square signalling the beginning of a new millennium.

As I recall, our family didn’t panic in preparation of this milestone, but we did take one small step to mitigate possible life-threatening danger. Reasoning that a power outage in January in Iowa was a reasonable possibility, we had this fireplace insert installed in our family room.

Seems like the Y2K scare happened just yesterday…Yet it was nearly two decades ago.

As the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun,” right?

And this resonates with me, because I know I’ve been having fun the last several years for sure and the same could be said for my Life 101.9 colleagues. Working with a team that brings life-changing music to thirsty souls, doesn’t feel like work to us.

So how about you friend? Are you having fun? When I talk to our financial partners, they tell me that supporting this ministry doesn’t feel like work, it’s fun for them too because they know that stories like these are real!

Matthew: I have been dealing with a fair amount of stress, and it’s easy for me to forget who’s really in charge.  Thank you for playing the song “Fear Is A Liar” by Zach Williams…it calms my fears.

Susan: “God Only Knows” by for King & Country is my favorite (song) right now.  As a mom of young kiddos it’s so easy to feel invisible and not appreciated! You have late nights and early mornings and it’s easy to forget that God knows! He sees. He loves you! He knows this season of life is hard but He makes it so rewarding as well! This song just reminds me that God knows and He sees!

Time has flown by this year as well. In fact, we are down to one final month in our fiscal year and we still are just about $200K away from being fully funded. If you haven’t yet joined the fun of seeing lives changed with your gift, would you consider one now? You can make your gift online here or call 866 515 1019.

We promise to keep the music coming “until the whole world hears!”

Swing into summer with us!


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