I remember when taking a vacation in the summer meant riding roller coasters, water skiing, binge watching movies every night, eating anything I wanted and doing it again the next day until Dad said it was time to leave and go home.

Vacations as a kid were pretty fun, I must admit.

Then I got married and we had the task of taking family vacations. As the family grew in size, costs of vacations grew as well, so sticking to a vacation budget became essential.  A budget meant we couldn’t do everything we wanted and of course, there were a plethora of opinions as to potential destinations but somehow we made it all work to the satisfaction of the masses.

Then there was the car ride. Oh, the challenges of enduring time in car. (Ever taken six kids on an eight hour car ride? Try it sometime. I dare you! 🙂 ) I can still close my eyes and hear the non-stop back seat banter…

“Are we there yet?”

“When are we going to eat?”

“Tell Adam to quit leaning on me?”

“I think I’m getting sick.”

Refereeing fights in the back seat of the car was a regular occurrence as I recall. It was never fun and it was exhausting, but it was the price to pay for being together in close quarters. Seriously though, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The good memories far outweigh the bad.

I guess you could say that vacations were easy as a kid but definitely harder as a middle-aged family man jointly managing “a full quiver” with my wonderful wife. See Psalm 127:5

That brings us to now.

Now that the kids are gone, vacations seem to be getting a bit easier once again. Did you know that I can take a nap, almost whenever I want? It’s great! And then there’s the grand kiddos. The greatest invention God ever made!

Marilyn and I are currently grandparents of six ranging from 9 down to 1 year of age. We no longer have to care for our kids and only have to do the fun stuff with our grand kids. (Woohoo!)   When they misbehave, we can just give them back to our kids. 🙂  (After all, when discipline is pending, we don’t want to interfere with their parenting preferences, right?)

We’ve decided that grand kids are infinitely easier to interact with on vacation than our own. Seriously though, I am looking forward to a week long vacation at the lake in just a few weeks with the fam. Vacation time is Grandpa time. Bring it on!

Did somebody say nap?

Something to think about.

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