There has certainly been a lot of talk about superheroes since the release of Avengers: Endgame a month or so ago.  Whether you are in to that genre of movies or not, it’s been hard not to get caught up in all the hype.  At last check, by the way, the film has earned almost three billion dollars worldwide.  Wow!

Here at Life 101.9 we have our own group of superheroes, the Life 101.9 Support Team.  Every song, every encouraging word, every uplifting story you hear is made possible by this amazing team of friends who give so generously so that more people in Eastern Iowa will hear about God’s unconditional love.  They make it possible for us to bring hope to Missy, who said:

“Right now many of the people in my life don’t realize how much of a difficulty it is to have a Mom with a chronic illness. The people around me just don’t seem to care. The song “God Only Knows” by for King & Country reminds me that God does, he listens and is there.”

And Amy, who shared:

“Life 101.9 uplifts me every day. I have anxiety and depression as well as PTSD. I struggle some days even to get out of bed. When I hear certain songs it reminds me that I have a purpose on this earth.  The announcers keep it real with real stories and even though some of them are sad ones, they’re real and I can relate to them.”

Our financial year ends June 30th, and we still have some ground to cover to help keep Life 101.9 fully funded.  If you haven’t given a gift to Life 101.9 this year, or you would like to make a special gift to help us reach our goal – you are needed!  You can make your gift right now when you call or text the word “give” to 866-515-1019.  You can also give online here.

We’re on the lookout for a few more superheroes to help keep Life 101.9 strong.  Grab your cape and join the team!


In Christ,

Matt Deane

Station Manager

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