I’m not one of those who espouse to the proverb that says, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” This sentiment may lessen your worry in life, but let’s face it, there are things in life that will hurt us if we don’t know about them. No wonder we spend so much energy trying to protect our children during their formative years.

It may actually be more true to say, “What you don’t know, can hurt you.” Having a healthy concern for the pitfalls in life, balanced with the knowledge that we have a God who knows what lies ahead leaves us with some concern but not so much that we have to worry. Oh, the marvelous privilege of prayer. We can talk to our heavenly Father about our concerns anytime, day or night. And we can teach our children to do the same. Seems like a recipe for peace to me.

We’re honored to be a part of your life as a parent, a grand parent, a big brother or sister or an aunt or uncle to a little one. We understand that handing the baton off to a new generation is something we are all concerned about some level. And with the music of Life 101.9, we have another teaching tool in our “tool bag” designed to help inform the next generation that there is a God who loves them no matter what.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your life this past year and may I offer a special thank you/shout out to those who partnered with us financially so we could continue to do what we do for many years to come.

Together we have made a difference these past twelve months. Let’s do it again, whad’ya say?

With a grateful heart,


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