Recently our family had the privilege to spend a few days in New York City, and we had a blast!  There is simply so much to see and do, much more than the few days we had there would allow.  Some of our highlights included Central Park, Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, the One World Observatory and a baseball game at Yankee Stadium.  Oh, and did I mention the food?!?  We had a great time.

Getting around New York City can be challenging, but we found the subway to be a convenient and affordable way to get our family around town…if we knew where we were going.  There are trains identified by numbers, letters and colors.  Which direction are you going?  Uptown?  Downtown?  Should you be on the local train or the express train?  For a family from Eastern Iowa, this was slightly overwhelming!

I was so thankful for Google Maps while our family was in the Big Apple.  All I had to do was type in where we were and where we were going, and this amazing piece of technology would lay out the entire plan for us.  Which subway station to enter, which train to get on (even when it would be there!) and when to get off.  I really am not sure how out-of-towners like me navigated the subway system before this help was available!

We all have situations in our lives that make us feel lost.  When that happens to you, where do you turn?  God loves us so much that he provided a road map for living, the Bible.  Spending time reading the Word of God each day gives us direction for the paths that will lead to good things in our lives and helps us to avoid things that God knows will hurt us.  What an unbelievable gift!

The summer months can be busy.  In the midst of the chaos, it can be easy to let good habits like daily Bible reading get lost in the shuffle.  Trust me, I have been there!  But when we listen to the words of Psalm 119:105 in the Bible “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path,” the direction He offers is better than any other map you will ever find!

In Christ,

Matt Deane

Station Manager

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