This week we celebrate the birth of our country. A nation that was conceived on the principles of freedom and personal responsibility to do right, no matter the cost. We have not always acted in the noblest of fashion. Many times we have fallen short of the platform set forth by our founding fathers but by the grace of God, most of the time we have re-calibrated past failings and sought to continue to walk in the mandate we’ve been given.

We still stand today as a leader and model to those nations who walk in in ignorance and darkness. There are those among us who would condemn our past failings. I do not deny their perspective. I choose however, not to dwell on our mistakes but instead, focus on what is good, what remains and what lies ahead.

America has been largely a prosperous nation. More prosperous than any on the Earth since the beginning of time. Our freedom and sovereignty has produced unequaled wealth and opportunity. But did we ever really deserve the prosperity we now enjoy? Have we somehow sown enough good seed to claim this harvest of plenty as being our own? Is our prosperity our right as Americans?

May it never be!

No friend, if we’ll be brutally honest, we’ll find that the prosperity we now enjoy has been rather a gift from God to be shared with the least and poorest among us. May our willingness to do good always exceed our reach, however may we exercise wisdom in disbursing opportunity to those who are willing to do their part to earn it.

So therefore, as we think of those who serve – our police and our military – to keep us free and to support the plight of those who are unjustly treated in this world, may we all pray for their safety and peace. And finally, may we all pray that America would remember where our blessings came from and ultimately return to the faith of our fathers in humility and with a heart of thanksgiving. 2 Chronicles 7:14

May the United States of America always remain “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Something to think about.

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