So how do you break out of your holy huddle?

You know about the holy huddle, don’t you. That’s the treadmill of activity that keeps you so involved in “church activities” that you don’t have time to cultivate relationships with people who see life differently than you do.

Here’s how we form a holy huddle. We become a Christian. Then we go to church regularly, add in all kinds of good activities and in doing so we forget that he world needs to hear that there is a God who loves them. The question is, do we have a good plan to tell them regularly?

Hey, don’t misunderstand. Hanging with Christians is fun, enriching and important. But living a life of balance in the Kingdom of God includes doing something in your life that connects you with non-believers.

I work with Christians on my job so for me, I had to find something that moved me in a different direction. This thing for me has been playing in a rock band. I know, weird right?  But “Airwaves” affords me the opportunity to connect with others who may not know about Jesus. Playing in a secular band works for me and keeps me from becoming too satisfied with the holy huddle.

Let’s encourage one another to live on balance intentionally so that the world may be reminded that there is a God who really loves them!

Something to think about.

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